Friday, September 26, 2008

Out of the Maze

Almost a year's gone by
since last I wrote.
Many things have changed.
Some have stayed the same
but seem different
from a new perspective.

When a loved one grows ill
and dies
it's like you're caught in a maze
and it takes a long
time to get
out of it.

you dont want
to get out
of it,
you think
you'll never
get back to the place
where they are.

Well, there is in fact
no way back.

If it took me another year
to get back to the place
where my mom was breathing
and smiling
and sitting up
and being alive,
well if that were possible,
it would never be the same,

I cherish the moments
I had with her.
What a joyous experience
to have known her.
How lucky I was
to have her in my life.
Everyday I walk this earth
is blessed by her having been
in my life.

I am out of the Maze
and I am amazed.