Tuesday, October 19, 2004

this for certain

I could move to someplace new
and be happy for a time
until my mind wrapped around something
upon which to place
all my pain, shame, guilt, and blame.

Better to stand here
in the desert of despair
and look within
to my barbwired heart
beyond the barbwire
to the fiery red dragon
that feasts upon
every morsel of complaint

Tame the dragon
with tears of compassion
and everywhere
my feet may pass
shall be eternal bliss

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Speak, Sit, Beg


he speaks his "mind"
yeah his unkind timber mind
he says "got wood?"
well some mamas might need pine

He thinks
Questions stink
but has a few of his own
gotten from Rove on loan like--
If a soldier drops in the desert
and no media is there to hear

Ruff -- Ruff

struts like a proud peacock
eye's a blinking like he's been shocked
brick brains, insane--dont care about
blood stains
while a brother's life
drains out
in Iraq

he snorts and jeers
but he don't care for the mamas' tears
he likes to laugh
when other mamas ask "draft?"

Bow wow. Now.

Rotten puppy sitting
Wilder puppy thinking
he's outwitting
but only a few
thick as brick too
that's the clue

Hieee hieee woof woof
arr arr arrrooo

tv media beg - begs
on hind legs for treat - treats
Fox grabs the bags and the gloves
gets the shovel
while they shove
begging for the inside scoop
here's a poop scooper

feed your dog
he's growling--
making a show