Monday, November 15, 2004


to find the answer to life

choose a book
any book
and make of it what you will

will you use the book
to be right?
to prove your worthiness?
to be seen by others as blessed?
to keep out of trouble?
to blend?

or will you use the book
to understand others?
to know them?
to be compassionate?

if you seek the latter list
then you are on the path
to life's answer
and you need
no book

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

arising from the tomb

this morning I awoke as if arising from the tomb
my heavy burden of four purgatorial years had lifted
because did something i did not do four years ago
i voted for an American hero.
and I learned.

i awoke to a country divided but with some states firmly decided
on their future and their wishes
though they were not the same as mine.

but I learned.
the poor western states' red this morning
reminded me of the ever hungry fire dragon
that might consume the weak.

i learned those states were strong in their resolve
who was I to tell them how to solve
their problems?
i do not awake this morning
with the same problems as they

i learned the poor but moral have had their day
and if the day comes that they grow poorer
who am i to say what burden they cannot bear?
they know what is in their best interests
i do not, for i am no longer poor

i learned poor but moral parents
have put their trust in the incumbent,
who am i to educate on what is best for them?
if it be their child who is left behind
i have neither say nor responsibili-tay
for i have no child

i learned they are ready for their children
to take up arms instead of books
and if their sons cannot afford college or avoid the draft
who am i to say how their child should live or die?
for i am not a parent.

i learned somethings from the southeastern retired
for their states this morning where red like fire
as was the white-haired south desert crew's.
who am i to tell them what to do?
for i am not yet old.

when the incumbent's plan ends up a fake
and they realize what burden it will make
i must believe that they did see
it was euthanasia via apathy.
i will step back for it is not my place
to choose with what comforts they pass on
or that they die with grace.
for i am not yet dying.

i learned from the bible belt that came through loud and clearly
and took up issues for their god sincerely.
to the moral majority, i must bow my head
who am i to tell them whom to love or to wish dead.
for i do not worship in such a


i awoke as if from the tomb
the gloom of last night gone
the sun upon my face washing me free
of disgrace
my heart is light with my limited understanding

i did what i could.
i accept what i have learned.

in a peculiar way i feel like Pontious Pilate
washing my hands free of the sin
even as the poor, the old,and the moral selfrighteous
send their christs to die again,and again,
and again.

it is their right.
we all have but one vote.

i have washed myself free from blame
i made my stand and am reborn again
the burden is now in their red hands.