Monday, June 04, 2007

Scotchtaped Words

Stuck 'em together
Sticky and stuck
Tricky and bad luck

Stick'em on the
Discernment Board
Across from the pencil sharpener
and chalkboard erasers
Don't misplace 'em
or mix 'em up backwards
those sticky tricky

Made up some words
Redefined a few
Silence, You Pestilence
My teacher yammered
Not my little place
to break up the structure
My silly smug face
caused hers to bluster
laclustre -- ancient
her Words

Definitions get the best of 'em
Critiques like to laugh at 'em
Stories use and abuse 'em
Poetry missed half of 'em

dont think they mind
tricky sticky
sometimes icky

Mmm hhmmmm